Videos for Fun

1. A few of the songs from the movie "Frozen" in Spanish.

    ¿Y si hacemos un muñeco?-

2. The Sid Shuffle in Spanish

3. Roberto Schipper's version of song "Happy" in Spanish (original by Pharrell Williams)

4. Song "Zing" in Spanish from the movie "Hotel Transylvania"

5. Zumba Kids- Song "Lento"

6. Beyoncé's "Muévate"  video-

7. Song from the movie Moana-

8. Song- "En mi corazón vivirás" from the movie Tarzan

9. Song- "El Ciclo sin fin"  from the movie the Lion King

10. Song "Recuérdame" from the movie Coco.

11. Song "Lo intentaré" from the movie Zootopia-

12. "Set it all Free" song from Sing in Spanish

13. The Duck song in the Spanish version.