Useful sites

The Quia website provides a link to games that the students can play to  practice their Spanish vocabulary.  Click on the link below and you will come to my profile page.  Underneath the words "Activities" you will find the links to various games to practice the Spanish vocabulary. 
 The CIA World Factbook web site provides information about countries around the world.  At the top right hand corner, select a country that you would like to investigate. It will tell you more about the country, where it is located and show you the flag of the country.
This article by Judy King explains how the Day of the Dead holiday is celebrated in Mexico. If you go to the subheading- traditions and customs- it describes some traditional ways people celebrate this holiday.
This is a video of Barbara McArthur's song "Los países hispanos".  Listen and watch to learn the 20 different countries that have Spanish as their national language.
This web-site will help you learn the capitals of different countries of Central and South America. It offers games to test your knowledge and it also gives you useful information about each country. 
This You-tube video and rap song will help you learn the capital cities of Central American countries and the Caribbean Islands.
This You-tube video and rock song will help you learn the capital cities of South American countries.
This website will help the students review and hear their numbers in Spanish.  First, click on the green start button.   A page with different numbers appears.  The student can click on the number and hear the number pronounced in Spanish while the word is spelled out for him or her.  If you click on the grey arrow on the right, the page will take you to a new set of numbers to review.
This is a you-tube video for Barbara Macarthur's song- "Cuenta".  Watch and sing along to learn numbers 1-30 in Spanish.