Young Fives

               Week 2- Numbers lesson
                Week 3 numbers       
                Week 4 Numbers lesson
                Week 5 numbers Lesson
                Week 6 Numbers Lesson
                Week 7 Numbers lesson
                Week 8 Numbers lesson
                Week Nine- Numbers lesson
                 Numbers Lesson Week 10
Formas- Formas Week 2
Formas- Week 3

This page will help students access links to games and other activities to practice some of the concepts and vocabulary that we have been learning in school. 
Colores Unit- Jan. 4th- Week one lesson
Colores Unit- Jan 11th- Week 2 colores
Colores Unit- Jan 18th- Week 3
Colores/Formas- Jan 25th- Week 4 colores/formas

Week five- Week 5 lesson

Week six- Week 6

Week seven- Lesson week 7

Week eight- Week eight lesson

Week nine- week nine lesson

School objects/verbs
Basho and Friends introduce some classroom objects in Spanish

Basho and Friends introduce some ways to greet one another in Spanish.

Another way to greet friends in Spanish

Here is a video to help the students practice some of their colors in Spanish.

Another color song to practice the colors in Spanish-

Song about the colors -

Song with all ten colors except for pink-

Fire Safety- 
Here is a video about fire safety in your home.

Seasonal videos

Here is a bilingual music video to help students learn the names of different Halloween characters.

Here is a music video to practice the song "La araña pequeñita"

Here is a "Halloween" music video to help the children start to learn their numbers in Spanish and to start to tell time.

This is the story about Thanksgiving in Spanish.

    English version of the same story-

This video has a song in both Spanish and English about being thankful on Thanksgiving Day.

Here is the song- "Jingle Bells" in the Spanish version.

Here's a bilingual Christmas song by Music with Sara.

The students learned about the importance of "tamales" in a Mexican story "Too Many Tamales". 
Here it is read aloud to them-

This link explains how the traditional food "tamales" is made.

Here's a link to Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano with lyrics

This video describes the parts of a snowman.

Here's a bilingual Valentine's Day song about friendship by Music with Sara.

Davide Cali's story - Que es el amor? (What is love?)  read aloud in Spanish

The celebration of "Cinco de mayo"-  this video explains the history behind this celebration and how people celebrate here in the United States

This song is about the love of a mother on Mother's Day.


Here is the video to Barbara MacArthur's version of "Vengan a ver mi granja" (Come and see my farm)

Here is a video introducing some animals of the farm and their sounds in Spanish.

Here is a song- Como hace los animales

Here is a link to a video about Animales en la Granja (Farm Animals and their sounds)

Here is a link to the story- Oso café, Oso café, ¿Qué ves ahí? by Eric Carle.  The students can practice listening and reading out loud their own version in their mini book that they received.


This video will help you learn four basic shapes in Spanish- el triángulo, el cuadrado, el rectángulo and el círculo.

This video will help you review the four basic shapes in Spanish- el triángulo, el cuadrado, el rectángulo and el círculo.  

Barney the Truck helps children review four basic shapes- el triángulo, el cuadrado, el rectángulo and el círculo. 

This video will help you learn some other shapes in Spanish-  el óvalo, el rombo and el octágono.

This song will introduce the shapes- cuadrado, rectángulo, óvalo, triángulo, rombo, estrella and corazón

This song will help you review some of the shapes.

This video will review some basic shapes with BASHO and Friends.

This video will introduce both 2D and 3D shapes in Spanish.

Here's a link to practice all of your shapes in a game format- 


Here's the song "Cinco Monitos" to help the students learn numbers 1-5 in Spanish.

This video will help you count from 1-6 in Spanish

Song about the "Mariquitas" (Little Lady Bugs)

Mi primer libro de "numbers 1-10"

Animales del Zoo 1-10

This song will help students review the numbers 1-10 in Spanish.

Song of 1-10 in Spanish

Song by Basho and Friends 1-10

Song "Cuenten conmigo" reviews 1-10

Song of 1-10 in Spanish by Miss Rosi

Song - Diez en la cama (Ten in the bed. . .)

Learn numbers 1-10 with Shawn the Train.

This link will help you practice numbers in Spanish.  Click on the number to hear it out loud.

This song is the Ants Go Marching . . .

Days and Months

Days of the Week Song

This song will help the students to review their days of the week in Spanish.

Barbara McArthur's song- "sábado" -

Hungry Caterpillar 
This is a reading of the Hungry Caterpillar (La Oruga Muy Hambrienta) in Spanish.  The students can practice acting out and retelling the story with their own hungry caterpillar sets and mini book that each student received.

Couple songs about maripositas (little butterflies)

Brain Breaks

Original Gummy Bear Song in Spanish

Gummy Bear Song- World Cup in Spanish

Sesame Street with Juanes

Five a Day brain break

El Cumpleaños Mágico en español de Plim Plim