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Videos Spanish Speaking Countries


Cothes around the world  Peru- https://youtu.be/J1oR7a60Rlo

Traditional clothes of Mexico-https://youtu.be/AcQG9RRorig

Peru weaving history- https://youtu.be/OffvKvoQaEY

Equatorial Guinea- music and images- https://youtu.be/XlRjSQFSs-Q

Gauchos of Argentina-https://youtu.be/l7KovwMiHJ4

Magic art of Inca weaving-https://youtu.be/0ebO4nZZQbA

BBC rise of the cholitas article- https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-26172313

Cholita fashion in Bolivia-https://youtu.be/yMm-_YueR8E

2. This video shares some information about the city of Santiago, Chile.

4. This video shares some information about an important architect in Barcelona.

5. This video explains the history and geography of Puerto Rico.

6. A day in the life of a Costa Rican school child.

7. This video explains what it's like to live in rural Costa Rica

8. This video explains what it's like to live in urban Costa Rica.

10. This video explains what it's like to live in urban Panama.

11. This video explains what life is like in rural Panama.

12. This video gives you a glimpse of Panama City.

13. This video is a tourist video explaining different things you can see in Panama.

14. The Majesty of Madrid- Rick Steve's guide

15. Rick Steve's- The Best of Andalucia

16. Brief explanation about the region of Catalonia

17.Tropical fruits of Costa Rica

18. Typical Foods of Costa Rica
19. A Tour to Kids Saving the Rainforest

20.  Asociación Panamericana Para la Conservación (Wildlife refuge in Panama for sloths)

21. A visit to Pamplona by Rick Steve

22. Typical Food of Honduras

23. RESERVED FOR SUB- Walking Tour of Madrid 2018