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Celebrations/Cultural Resources

Los Días de los Muertos
1. This article by Judy King explains how the Day of the Dead holiday is celebrated in Mexico. If you go to the subheading- traditions and customs- it describes some traditional ways people celebrate this holiday.

2. This video clip shows how the Days of the Dead are celebrated in Mexico.
Foods Around the World
Click on the country you would like learn about. It will tell you about the typical foods one can find in that country as well as some recipes to try.  http://www.foodbycountry.com/

Slideshow of Photos of Spanish Speaking Countries
    Click on the first letter of the Spanish Speaking country.  Scroll down until you find the Spanish Speaking country.  Click on the links provided to see photos of that country.

Costa Rican Wildlife
Here are  two video links that show some of the wildlife that can be seen in Costa Rica.

This link is a guide that helps explain some of the exotic wildlife that can be found in Costa Rica.

Christmas Time and Three Kings Day in Spain
This video clip explains how people in Spain spend the holidays during the months of December and January

Las Posadas y el Día de los Reyes Magos
The power point  (below) gives a description of the different celebrations that occur during the months of December and January in Mexico.
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